I’m a French Designer interested in products & experiences, including strategy & research process, with an interaction design deep understanding.

After studying at Lahti Design Institute in Finland, I graduated in Industrial Design from ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris) in 2009.

There my final diploma on emotional music interface experience received jury honors and have been exhibited in international user experience conference.

No matter the fields, sport, electronics, furniture, i’m focused on the experience a product, service will provide to human, using organization singularity and searching for an high consistency story.

The eyes moving from the big picture to project details, I do believe that being a designer is something else than being a good sketcher, and can takes many different shapes.

I love to observe people, envision, spread out, tinker & build, experience, learn from my errors instead of being afraid of it, start from the ideal and meet reality ; that’s what makes me excited…I love to consider life as a succession of experiences and passionating adventures.

In my personal life, I love anthropology literature, extreme environments, photography, arts, traveling, downhill skateboarding, surfing ; free diving.

For any additional enquiries, please, see the contact page.